Finding a practical gift which is appropriate to personal taste is not always easy. The concept of what is a perfect gift and what is a useful gift are sometimes worlds apart, which is why we have compiled an extensive selection of creative yet practical gift ideas.

The ATHLET Boutique offers practical gift ideas for you clients.

  • Bottle opener (choose handle in different "screwdriver looks")
  • Paper knife (choose handle in different "screwdriver looks")
  • Barbecue hook (blade made from stainless steel; premium, bicolored wooden handle)
  • Ball pen (made from Aluminium with magnetic gate, incl. leather lanyard)
  • Multimedia laser pen with a range of 100 m
  • Baseball cap
  • Travelling bag and city backpack
  • Polo shirt (100% cotton, black)
  • Umbrella
  • Wristwatch (super-flat metal watchcase)
  • Worldtime clock
  • High-quality briefcase (A4 format)
  • Metallic gas lighter with piezo ignition
  • Mini pocket knife

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