Awls, also known as prickers, differ according to their various grips and blades. ATHLET offers various models of square vice action plates and prickers with round-point needles.

Our scribers could not be more versatile – straight steel needles, straight and bent steel needles or carbide needles. We also have replaceable needles on offer for you so that you can use our scribers for a long time.

Hollow punches are particularly well suited to punching leather, cardboard and rubber. Depending on the material to be processed, ATHLET can provide you with various models of hollow punches: Arc punches (DIN 7200 A), round hole punches (DIN 7200 B) and revolving hole punch pliers or revolving hole punches with transmission with six different punching tools. An assortment of replaceable hollow punches with sealing ring cutters rounds off the ATHLET product range. Customised dimensions and special punch shapes of all types can be obtained upon request without any problem. This range is rounded off with our scrapers made of special-grade steel which are available in various models. All models are available in lengths ranging from 150 to 300 mm and have a high-quality grip.

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