ATHLET bits and magnetic bit holders are high-quality tools for professional use in industry and manual labour. Our comprehensive assortment characterised by the transmission of high torque values and particularly high durability provides you with tools for both manual and mechanical use.

With special coatings and materials, we provide you with optimal solutions for your area of application (in particular for fastening a large quantity of screws). Bits with DiamondGrip provide secure hold in the screw head and our innovative AntiCor series prevents extraneous rust on stainless steel elements.

Our range of products also comprises various models of magnetic and non-magnetic bit holders and bit drills, adapters and countersinks. In addition to standard holders, we also provide you with numerous special custom magnetic holders which will be very helpful for you in solving your screw problem. Using cutting edge laser technology, we are able to customise any bits and magnetic bit holders and also provide them with a customer logo or even article information.

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