If that is not a reason to celebrate:
In the past five decades the traditional company Wuro Wilhelm Uebach GmbH & Co.KG from Niederndorf has become one of the leading manufacturers of hand-operated tools in Germany. The focus here is the same as on the day the company was founded, the production of screwdrivers and congeneric products, which are distributed at a high percentage under the brand name `ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge´.

To the 50 year anniversary of the company there have been two big anniversary events on May 27th and 28th in the factory Freudenberg-Niederndorf: While on the 27th of May many guests from politics, economy and banks, but naturally also from the ranks of customers have come to a ceremonial act, the employees and their families had the day after that as a thank you for their long-time loyalty with their own anniversary evening.

Source: Siegener Zeitung