Wuro: Quality and variety „made in Germany"

In the past five decades the traditional company Wuro Wilhelm Uebach GmbH & Co.KG from Freudenberg has become one of the leading manufacturers of tools in Germany. The focus here is the same as on the day the company was founded, the production of screwdrivers and congeneric products. While in the past the production was nearly exclusive for distinguished brand companies, today a high percentage of tools is distributed under the own brand `ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge´. Thanks to an extensive agent network in all of Europe, the export ratio of tools made by WURO has risen to over 50 percent. WURO tools can therefore be found in many countries of the earth.

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ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge: Simply good tools

For nearly 100 years the brand ATHLET stands for quality and safe tools. As a specialist for standard and special tools `made in Germany´ ATHLET takes up a leading role among German tools manufacturers.

In order to use common strengths and synergies, Wuro has taken over a major customer from Remscheid in 2003 – combined with the use of the brand ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge.