Hexagon keys from ATHLET are manufactured using special steels and demonstrate particularly high torque and hardness values thanks to a special refinement process.

With the use of stainless steel for our hexagon pin wrenches, there’s no chance for extraneous rust. Extraneous rust on stainless steel primarily results from abrasion when screws are fastened with regular steel tools. This abrasion leaves adherent steel particles which, when exposed to oxygen, result in rust. Thanks to our AntiCor® series, deficiencies due to ruse can be avoided. Our hexagon keys come in unchamfered, chamfered, short and long models both with and without a ball end. All hexagon keys from ATHLET are available in metric wrench sizes ranging from 0.7 mm to 65 mm as well as English units for 0.028 inches to 1 inch. Pin wrenches with special diameters as well as special tools (based on your guidelines) are our speciality. You only need ask.

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