Over 50 years of experience in tools manufacturing have made us one of the market leaders in the tools industry. Our secret of success? Precision and flexibility, custom builds as a standard service and most of all superb and competent service from the first inquiry to bulk production.

In other words: quality made in Germany.

Made in Germany is guaranteed. ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge.

For nearly 100 years the brand ATHLET stands for quality and safe tools. As a specialist for standard and special tools `made in Germany´ ATHLET takes up a leading role among German tools manufacturers.

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ATHLET means variety. Over 30,000 product variations.

ATHLET stands for top products with top performance. So to say ATHLETic quality tools. Quality tools by ATHLET are true talents and allrounders. Just as you expect it and have the right to expect from quality tools.

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Quality and safety. Supervised and certified.

Our own high aspirations express themselves by the company name alone: ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge. That these aspirations are experienced and translated daily into action, namely in the factory and in the tools, is proven by our certification after DIN EN ISO 9001. Our independently reviewed, confirmed and certified quality management system does not limit itself solely to impeccable and prime product quality, but also to holistic thinking and acting of our company.

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Helpers and problem solvers in series. See for yourself!

The broad variety and range of ATHLET-Qualitätswerkzeuge at a glance: In our page catalogue only one click away. Always relevant and up to date.

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For all who like it more stalwart, there still is the printed issue available. You do not have a catalogue yet? Just request it here:

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