The special knives from ATHLET are especially suitable for professional use thanks to their high-quality blades. From drywall cutting tools to VDE cable cutters, we provide you with every possible version of cutting tool for your individual needs. In addition to a large selection of speciality knives, the assortment of products from ATHLET also includes universal knives with robust metal casings and their accompanying replacement blades.

The range of hand saws from ATHLET includes both metal saw blades and saw blades of various qualities (PUK metal hacksaw blade, HSS bimetal, HSS). No matter whether hobby saw blades, metal saw blades with wooden handles or metal saws with pistol grip, with us, you will find the right solution. We also provide painters’ spatulas with flexible and ground blades, painters’ spatulas with 2-component soft handles or a Japan surface filler knife – there is always a suitable tool for your individual requirements.

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