For our large assortment of ATHLET products, we provide you presentation units that are practical and particularly of a promotional nature. Be it a saleswall, a presentation board or a counter-top display – we know the best way to reach your customers.


The perforated panel offers many combination possibilities of the following accessories:

 A  Lighting head
 B  Sales panel
 C  Sales display with holes
 D  Sales display without holes
 E  Sales display for bits
 F  Base
 G  Panel for horizontal presentation with 6 compartments
 H  Panel for horizontal presentation with 12 compartments
 I  Hooks for perforated panel
 J  Display for bulk items
 K  Counter display
 L  Plexiglas stand for vertical presentation of ATHLET chisels, prick and pin punches
 M  Cash point coin tray
 N  Plexiglas stand for presenting electronic engineer's screwdrivers
 O  Sets of bits, voltage testers and keys for sales promotion
 P  Plexiglas stand for presenting ATHLET firmer chisels

If you are interested, please contact our sales representatives.
They will be happy helping you to assemble the ideal presentation for your programm.


Further information about ATHLET Presentation units in the ATHLET main catalogue 555: Open chapter 15 >