High-quality tools may be sufficiently robust, however, they still require appropriate handling if they are to remain functional for the long term. That is why tools should be stored in suitable spaces, in order to protect them from moisture or to prevent corrosion or damage to their electrical system. That is why we provide you with robust containers to store your tools properly and securely. Steel cases are very popular for storing and transporting tools of various sizes. An alternative to these are light metal boxes made of aluminium (aluminium boxes), tool boxes and organiser boxes. Our folding workbenches are very popular with professionals at construction sites.

Tool boxes
  • Made from steel sheet, professional design
  • Neatly rounded or folded edges
  • Lid fastened using continuous joint hinges
  • Designed with a handle which permits automatic closing of the opened box when it is lifted
  • Blue hammer effect enamel finish (similar to RAL 5107), other colours are available on request
  • Individual packing

Available in 3 different qualities:

  • N-quality: with a straight lid, sheet thickness 0.60 mm
  • S-quality: with a domed lid, sheet thickness 0.65 - 0.70 mm
  • A-quality: with a domed lid, sheet thickness 0.90 mm (extra strong)
Cases made from steel sheet
  • Rugged design, sheet thickness 0.80/ 1.25 mm
  • Lined with hard fibre boards
  • With removable insert for small parts, with a compartment in the lid
  • With a device to prevent the lid shutting
  • With wide handles and fittings for padlocking
  • Green lacquer finish, RAL 6011

As above, but:

  • With rounded corners
  • Blue hammer effect enamel
Transport and storage boxes made from light metal
  • Made of aluminium
  • With a rubber seal all around the lid
  • Profiled surface, dust- and splash-proof
  • With hinged handles, plastic-coated
  • With lever locks, with cylinder locks
  • Stacking corners made from aluminium
Work benches, folding
  • Multi-bonded wooden slabs, non wraping
  • With metal edge protection on all sides, each work bench individually packed in cardboard box
  • Base frame made from rugged steel tube, folding, high load-bearing capacity
  • Anthracite hammer effect enamel finish RAL 7016
  • All benches provided with slip resistant plastic feet
  • Practical folding mechanism
Boxes for assortments

We offer boxes for assortments in different sizes, versions and generally in 2 qualities:

Professional quality

  • Made from heavy steel sheet, sheet thickness 0,8 mm
  • With automatic forced locking and two additional turnbuckles
  • With press pads in the lid
  • Universal application
  • For household, workshop and factory
  • Especially suitable for vehicle equipment
  • Each box is individually packed in a cardboard box
  • Blue hammer effect, enamel (RAL 5010) (other colours on request)
  • Dimensions: 440 x 330 x 66 mm
  • 120 boxe on one pallet

As described above, but:

  • With a detachable intermediate bottom for a 2nd layer
  • Dimensions: 440 x 330 x 100 mm
  • 50 boxes on one pallet


  • Slide packaging
  • Anthracite lacquer finish (RAL 7016)
  • Sheet thickness 0,6 mm

Also available:

  • Racks for 4 boxes for assortments
  • Loose plastic inserts in different sizes and colours

Further information about ATHLET PRO II Series in the ATHLET main catalogue 555: Open chapter 17 >