ATHLET wooden handles

  • Screwdriver handle made from hardwood with a sealed surface
  • Ergonomically designed, large diameter, handle with milled contours
  • A leather cap on the shaft end protects the handle from damage from hammering and prevents shattering
    The continuous blade reaching right through the hardwood handle ensures direct transmission of the impact energy to the stuck screw
  • The forged blade has part of its length of hexagon cross section to allow the use of wrenches to assist in loosening stuck screws
Benefits of ATHLET screwdriver blades
  • All blades are made from high alloy, fully hardened special steels. The requirements in terms of hardness and torque as per DIN/ISO are clearly exceeded
  • Chrome-plated blades with burnished tips ensure optimum corrosion protection and precise fit
  • Torsional strength of the handle is ensured by extra large wings
  • Maximum precision of the tool is achieved using advanced production processes and a quality control system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Further information about ATHLET Screwdrivers with wooden handles in the ATHLET main catalogue 555: Open chapter 05 >