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Ready for use on the spot

Quickly remove a bit with one hand, while holding the cordless screwdriver in the other? No problem with the BitClip system by Athlet. With the practical mounting bracket, you can easily attach the set to your clothing, which makes taking out the bits, even with one hand, as easy as child’s play.

The accurately fitting, particularly tough TIN bits with a special double coating are extremely wear-resistant and long-lasting. The testers of the magazine “selbst ist der Mann” were more than satisfied and declared the product the test winner, with the score “Excellent”. The experts made the following statements regarding the Athlet products:

    • “exemplary fitting and labelled bits”
    • “the bit holder is ideally labelled”
    • “the Athlet bits are easy to remove”
    • “good collection, sound quality”
    • “usefully combined sets”

Conclusion: A big hit all along the line – an all-round successful bit set of the highest quality with a practical mounting bracket.

Source: Selbst ist der Mann // Rubrik Wissen & Technik /page 75 / December 2012